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11 September, 2019Parents should be aware of bronchiolitis amid the confusion with cold (Chinese only)
2 September,
Severe chest pain can be sign of fatal aortic dissection (Chinese only)
16 July, 2019GHK Spine Centre offers targeted treatment to reduce need for surgery (Chinese only)
10 July, 2019Doctor leads by example to reduce cardiovascular disease risks by losing over 30 pounds (Chinese only)
4 June, 2019Urinary Incontinence fixed by 30-minute minimally invasive surgery (Chinese only)
3 June, 2019Early diagnosis of and treatment for frequent urination problem are advised (Chinese only)
21 May, 2019Curing sweaty hands through removal of sympathetic nerves (Chinese only)
7 May, 2019Timely treatment for torn meniscus vital for full recovery (Chinese only)
6 May, 2019Tackling allergic rhinitis with nasal wash (Chinese only)
15 April,
Early diagnose of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis makes surgery avoidable (Chinese only)
24 February,
Medication and rehabilitation to help reduce impact ofchronic obstructive pulmonary disease on patients’ health (Chinese only)
10 January,
Age-related macular degeneration being a leading cause of vision loss (Chinese only)
20 December, 2018Keep warm to prevent asthma attacks in winter (Chinese only)
19 December,
Effective Enhanced Recovery After Surgery on joint replacement (Chinese only)
11 December, 2018Controlling allergic rhinitis in children with little tricks (Chinese only)
20 November, 2018Don’t ignore repeated ankle sprains (Chinese only)
19 November, 2018Is angioplasty always necessary? (Chinese only)
15 November, 2018Overactive bladder can cause involuntary urination (Chinese only)
26 October, 2018Sports fans prone to anterior cruciate ligament tear (Chinese only)
10 October, 2018Minimally invasive surgery for repeated ankle sprains facilitates quicker recovery (Chinese only)
3 October, 2018Allergic rhinitis in children (Chinese only)
2 October, 2018Chronic ankle instability (Chinese only)
19 September, 2018Unconsulted cessation of eczema medication gives rise to unstable conditions (Chinese only)
18 September, 2018Women's heart disease risk increases after 55 years of age (Chinese only)
14 September, 2018Avoiding certain food blindly to prevent skin allergy not advisable (Chinese only)
7 September, 2018Irrational use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugswill increase risk of cardiovascular diseases (Chinese only)
5 September, 2018Advanced flap technology for breast reconstruction (Chinese only)
29 August, 2018Two resection methods for breast cancers (Chinese only)
17 August, 2018Pre-op chemotherapy could help cancer patients keep their breasts (Chinese only)
8 August, 2018New minimally invasive surgery for Achilles tendon rupture repair (Chinese only)
26 July, 2018New combination therapy for recurrent breast cancer (Chinese only)
12 July, 2018Beware of injuries resulted from swimming (Chinese only)
11 July, 2018Personalised treatment plans to increase survival rate of breast cancer patients (Chinese only)
1 July, 2018Atrial fibrillation and stroke (Cantonese only)
20 June, 2018Medication and surgery for urgent revival of lung functions
13 June, 2018Sleep apnoea may be deadly (Chinese only)
6 June, 2018Pertussis antibody gradually decreases after 10 years (Chinese only)
1 June, 2018Uric acid, obesity, diabetes (Chinese only)
30 May, 2018Tips to prevent children's tinea pedis (Chinese only)
29 May, 2018Sleep apnoea may affect growth in children (Chinese only)
14 May, 2018Emergency treatment for too-high bad cholesterol (Chinese only)
14 May, 2018Delayed treatment for Meniscus Tear may cause sequelae (Chinese only)
12 May, 2018Patients with heart diseases should select painkillers carefully (Chinese only)
16 April, 2018Self-checking pulse (Chinese only)
6 April, 2018Economy Class Syndrome (Chinese only)
20 March, 2018Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy for ovarian cancer (OVHIPEC)
(Chinese only)
27 December, 2017Threat of hormone (Chinese only)
27 December, 2017Cause of sudden death (Chinese only)
13 December, 2017Know more about deviated nasal septum (Chinese only)
6 December, 2017High blood pressure - Renal Denervation (Cantonese only)
5 December, 2017Gout and Hyperuricemia (Cantonese only)
29 November, 2017Elderly receiving PCI (Cantonese only)
20 November, 2017Diabetic patients have poor immunity (Chinese only)
18 November, 2017Weight control (Chinese only)
6 November, 2017Coronary heart disease (Cantonese only)
5 November, 2017Cancer Series 2: Gastric Cancer (Cantonese only)
26 September, 2017The World's Smallest Pacemaker (Cantonese only)

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