Admission Information

Thank you for choosing Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong!

You may have some questions about what to expect during your stay. That is why we have compiled an Admission Information booklet to provide answers to the common questions from patients and visitors. Here you will find the general information on the procedures and processes that may take place before admission, during your stay and upon your discharge.

Your doctor or the clinic staff will have made the necessary reservations for your admission and will guide you through the pre-admission registration. At the Admission and Cashier Office, fee advisory will be offered to ensure that you understand fee estimation during hospitalisation and payment process.

It is advisable for you to arrive at the hospital 2 hours before the scheduled procedure. However, if your doctor has instructed blood on standby for your operation, you should check in to the hospital at the appropriate time for blood grouping and cross-matching as advised by your doctor.

To ensure a smooth and hassle free admission process, please bring the following documents to the Admission and Cashier Office on the admission day:

  • Your doctor’s referral / admission letter
  • Valid HKID Card / Passport / Birth Certificate
  • Medical benefit card or letter of guarantee from your insurance company / employer (if applicable).

We will not be able to perform any surgery without the presentation of appropriate identification upon admission.

You may wish to pack the following items to make your stay at Gleneagles more comfortable:

  • Intimates, pyjamas (front opening is preferred), dressing gown
  • Closed slippers, preferably skid-proof (as you must always be in footwear)
  • Familiar toys for children, such as a favourite toy or doll
  • Any necessary equipment or special devices (eyeglasses, hearing aids, wheelchair, CPAP mask etc.)
  • If you are required to attend regular physiotherapy sessions, please bring some comfortable sportswear

Please leave jewellery, credit cards, large amounts of money and other valuables at home. Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong will not be responsible for any loss in the hospital. 

To keep you and your loved ones safe during your hospital visit, we highly encourage everyone to follow the practices below:

  • Always clean your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub to maintain hand hygiene.
  • Individuals with respiratory conditions or symptoms related to the respiratory system should wear a surgical mask during your visit. Caregivers for these individuals are strongly encouraged to wear surgical masks as well to minimise the chance of infection transmission.
  • Visitors who experience fever or illness should avoid visiting the hospital and seek medical attention immediately.
  • Visiting hours may change without prior notice in response to any changes of the Pandemic Response Level of the Department of Health.
  • Individuals suspected of or diagnosed with an infectious disease will have to be admitted or transferred to a single or isolation room (where new room fees apply) to reduce the risk of cross-infection in the hospital.

Please click here for more information.

Room Availability: Your requested room type is subject to availability. If the requested room type is not available, patients will be asked to stay in a room of another type until the preferred room type becomes available for transfer arrangement. If all the beds are fully occupied, room allocation will be final based on clinical needs, actual room availability and circumstances in the ward.

Lodger: Lodger accommodation is available for all room types and is chargeable. For all paediatric rooms as well as Private Single, Junior Suite and VIP rooms, the first lodger accommodation is complementary, and subsequent lodger arrangement will be chargeable.

For shared rooms, only an accompanying lodger of the same gender is allowed.

The daily room rate does not include any nursing care, doctors’ fees, diagnostic tests, drugs, other ancillary services and meals.

Room rates will still apply during any leave taken during the hospital stay.

Extra charges will be incurred if procedures and diagnostic tests are performed during non-office hours. 

Doctors’ Fees: Doctors fees may vary; please discuss the charges with your attending doctor prior to admission. Doctors determine their own fees and the hospital will collect the fees on their behalf.

Ancillary Charges: Ancillary charges (e.g. procedures, radiology tests, laboratory tests, drugs & consumables etc) may vary depending on the patient’s condition, diagnosis, room category and treatment.

Extended Stay: Additional charges will be incurred if procedures or packages are extended beyond the scheduled time or period of stay.

Discharge: The daily discharge time is set at 12:00 nn. A half-day rate shall apply for discharges between 12:00 nn - 6:00 pm, while a full day rate shall apply for discharges after 6:00 pm. Accommodation charge will be applicable for minimum one day.

Critical Care Transfers: For transfers in and out of critical care units (ICU, PICU, NICU, HDU, CCU, SCBU), half-day rate will apply if the stay is shorter than 12 hours. Accommodation for direct admission to Critical Care Unit is chargeable at minimum 1 day. 

Room Type Transfers: Patients who choose to have a change to a higher room category during their stay will be charged for the higher room fee from the day of admission. Those requesting for a change to a lower room category will only be charged for the lower room fee subsequent the date of room transfer.

An administrative fee applies for each bed or room transfer requested by patients. 

Isolation Rooms: Isolation rooms are only arranged with doctors’ instructions based on clinical requirements. Additional charges will apply.

Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong believes that patients should have peace of mind upon admission to the hospital. As such, we have developed a series of Standard Packages and Hospital Packages at pre-determined prices to cover the most frequently performed procedures.

Hospital Packages include all nursing care, room and meal charges and the stated treatment normally associated with the procedure; doctors’ fees are not included. Standard Packages, restricted only to standard room accommodation, include all of the charges in the Hospital Package and all associated doctors’ fees.

Please note the following:

  • If you request for a change in room category, the package of the highest room category will apply.
  • There will not be any refund for discharge earlier than the end date of the package.
  • If private nurse is required, the hospital can provide further information to assist with this arrangement. Charges incurred through this arrangement will be directly payable to the relevant service provider.
  • Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong is not liable for any acts or omissions on the part of persons not directly employed by the hospital.

Deposit upon admission:

  • A deposit is required upon admission and can be settled in cash, by credit cards, EPS, Alipay/Wechat pay or bank draft.

Interim bills during your stay:

  • An interim bill will be issued once outstanding balance reaches HK$50,000 or in every five days, and is payable within one day of issuance.

Discharge Billing:

  • We would like to ask for your patience. It takes us around two hours to process billing, all the related discharge documents and medication (if applicable).
  • To complete the discharge process, all accounts must be settled in full or payment arrangement shall be guaranteed by the insurance companies that have credit arrangements with the hospital.
  • Upon admission, you have to present the necessary documents required by your insurer. If you fail to do so, you will be fully responsible for the fees incurred and required to pay the necessary deposit. If the requested documents are still unavailable upon discharge, you will be required to settle the hospital expenses in full and contact your insurer for reimbursement.
  • The rates for the highest room category shall apply from the day of admission. You are strongly advised to confirm your entitlement with your company or insurer prior to admission as this may affect the choice of room category.
  • Please check with the Admission and Cashier Office to find out whether the hospital has a direct settlement agreement with your insurer if you wish to settle the hospital bill directly through insurance. You remain responsible for any deductibles under a co-insurance plan or any non-covered amounts (i.e. personal fees, meals, lodger fees, bed movement charge etc.).
  • Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong does not accept any Letter of Guarantee / Guarantee of Payment from companies or insurers that have no prior credit arrangements with us.
  • The hospital reserves the right to refuse an insurance card or related documentation as a mode of payment.
  • Patients will incur an extra fee if they request for a copy of medical records and reports. Dedicated staff will follow up with you upon receipt of the request. For enquiries, please contact our Health Information & Records Department at +852 3153 9830 or .

  • The Admission and Cashier Office opens 24 hours.
  • Detailed breakdown of hospital charges is available upon request at the Admission and Cashier Office.

Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong welcomes valuable comments and feedback from patients and their caretakers as your input helps us improve our services. You can find the Patient Comment Card at various departments in the hospital to assist with this process. Please fill the card and drop it into our Comments Box available at various locations in the hospital. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at .

You can also contact the Department of Health at +852 3107 8451 or  for comments or feedback.

Please visit here for details.

Please feel free to contact the Admission and Cashier Office at (+852) 3153 9000 or email to  for further information. A Fee Schedule is also available for your reference.