Pilot Programme for Enhancing Price Transparency for Private Hospitals

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Admission Letter for reference:


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  1. Charges on ward accommodation
  2. Operating theatre charges
  3. Charges for common nursing procedures  
  4. Charges for out-patient clinic
  5. Charges for investigative and treatment procedures
    1. Radiological and imaging services
      1. CT Scan
      2. MRI
      3. PET-MR Scan
      4. Ultrasound
      5. X-ray
      6. Others
    2. Pathology services
      1. Clinical Laboratory
      2. Anatomical Pathology and Cytology
    3. Rehabilitation Services
      1. Rehabilitation Services
    4. Haemodialysis services
      1. Dialysis Centre
  6. Charges for medical reports and photocopies of medical records