Patients' Charter

Patients’ Charter

The relationship between medical personnel and patients is one that is close, interdependent and about trust.

The University of Hong Kong (HK( is an exclusive clinical partner of Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong.
Please expect that there will be clinical teaching of students and trainees taking place.

Patients’ Rights

Right to Medical Treatment

  • The right to receive medical advice and treatment which fully meets the currently accepted standards of care and quality.
  • The currently accepted standards are those adopted by a responsible body of the profession in the light of accepted contemporary medical practice.
  • The right to receive acute pain relief and best pain management.


Right to Information

  • The right to information about what health care services are available; and charges with any additional charges and price adjustment are involved.
  • The right to be given a clear description of your medical condition, with diagnosis, prognosis (i.e. and opinion as to the likely future course of any illness), and of the treatment proposed including common complications, risks and appropriate alternatives.
  • The right to know the names, the normal actions and common serious side-effects of the medications prescribed.
  • The right of access to medical information which relates to your condition and treatment.
  • The right to ask your doctor about the fees for all procedures that are recommended.


Right to Choices

  • The right to accept or refuse participation in clinical teaching and professional training.
  • The right to have a second medical opinion.
  • The right to accept or refuse any medication, investigation or treatment, and to be informed of the likely consequences of doing so.
  • The right to choose whether or not to take part in a medical research program.
  • The right to have care at the end of life that is respectful and compassionate.


Right to Privacy / Protection

  • The right to have your privacy, dignity and spiritual care and cultural beliefs respected.
  • The right to have information relating to your medical condition kept confidential.
  • All patients are protected from physical assault.
  • Vulnerable children, disabled individuals and the elderly have the right to be protected.


Right to Complain

The right to make a complaint through channels provided for this purpose, and to have any complaint dealt with promptly and fairly.


Patients’ Responsibilities

Medical care within a hospital environment is a partnership between patients and health care workers. As well as giving you the basic rights which we have just outlined, this also brings with it certain basic responsibilities on your part. To play an active and responsible role in the health care process, you should:

  • Provide as much information as you could to your health care providers about your present health, past illnesses, any allergies and any other relevant details.
  • Inform your doctor about all the medications that you take including alternative medications (medicinal herbs, teas, pills, etc.).
  • Follow the prescribed and agreed treatment plan and conscientiously comply with the instructions given.
  • Show consideration for the rights of other patients and health care providers, by following the hospital rules concerning patient conduct.
  • Not ask health care providers to provide untrue medical information, to issue false receipts, sick leave certificates or medical reports.
  • Be responsible to meet the required fees and charges for the medical services provided to you.
  • Be responsible for personal belongings that you take to the hospital.


Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance

Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong (the “Hospital”) strives to protect privacy in relation to personal data of every customer who uses our services. The Hospital and our staff shall, at all times, respect your confidentiality and endeavor to keep all personal data collected, stored, transmitted and/or used in accordance to requirement so required under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

  • As your doctors / health care workers, we may, before registration or consultation, request you to provide personal data such as (but not limited to) Hong Kong ID card number and health information or obtain from any appropriate third party your medical history and any relevant information for your health care purposes and/or generally for medical purposes and/or for the purposes stated below.
  • Please make sure the personal data that you have provided is accurate and complete. If you do not provide us with the information requested or if the information is inaccurate or incomplete, our ability to provide appropriate health care to you may be affected.
  • Please note and accept that your personal data, medical or otherwise, may be made available to:
    • Medical staff, doctors, consultants, nurses, secondees and other student trainees of HKU (under the supervision of hospital staff members) who require it for teaching purposes including clinical research and development, clinical teaching and professional training carried out by Gleneagles jointly with HKU; or
    • Other doctors / health care workers who require it for purposes related to your health care; or
    • The Court if ordered or subpoenaed by the Court, or to such other persons as we are required by law.
  • Data access or correction request can be made by post, email and by phone provided hereof:    


Health Information & Records Department, Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong, 1 Nam Fung Path, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong



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