My Gleneagles SmartHealth

My Gleneagles SmartHealth mobile application is an integrated information platform providing you with information about advanced healthcare, healthy living and promotion offers. Through the app, patients are also provided with one-stop diversified services, helping you manage your health in a smarter way anytime, anywhere.

Key functions for outpatient services

Care management
Provide instant access to care recipient’s outpatient appointment schedules, health records such as prescriptions, allergy records, laboratory results and more. This time-saving and convenient function allows caregivers to take care of their family members’ healthcare needs and manage agendas on the care recipients’ behalf at their fingertips.
Health records
Access health records anytime, anywhere. The app allows you to view your and your care recipient's health record such as prescription records and instructions, allergy records, image results and laboratory results (e.g. outpatient blood test report, COVID-19 test and antibody test results, etc).
Estimated waiting time
Our 24-hour Outpatient & Emergency Department provides round-the-clock, year-round medical care. With the provision of estimated waiting time, you can plan your schedule ahead while receiving professional medical services. 
Journey preview
Preview your scheduled outpatient appointment, including the service flow, location and estimated waiting time with peace of mind. 
Simply input or click on the location to find your way around the hospital premises. With the recommended route and estimated time needed, you can reach different departments in the two-tower, nine-storey hospital in no time.

Electronic Medical Certificate

Gleneagles now provides electronic medical certificate, it adopts digital signature which has the same legal validity as a manual signature. Patients who attend to Gleneagles or its satellite clinics, or conduct virtual consultation can view or download electronic medical certificates through My Gleneagles SmartHealth, or print the certificates when necessary, offering greater flexibility and convenience, and support eco-friendly environment.

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New feature “Vital Signs" - Daily scan to monitor your health

Monitor your health whenever you want or at your convenience, no matter where you are.

Simply use your device’s camera to check your vital signs with a face scan, which can measure your six vital signs instantly including heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, stress level, blood pressure and heart rate variability. According to the measurements, a general wellness score will be calculated to give you an idea of your overall health condition.

With this simple action, why not perform a daily scan to keep track of your health? Understand your health in a flash, be a healthier you! Download the latest version of the app now to get this new feature.

Note: Non-registered users can only view the readings of two vital signs, including heart rate and oxygen saturation; registered or activated users can view readings of all vital signs available in the app.

Simply registering and activating your Gleneagles’ patient account on My Gleneagles SmartHealth mobile app, you can enjoy the app's all-rounded services. Account activation can be done either in person at Gleneagles or via the “iAM Smart” mobile app for identity verification to activate the account.