Frequently asked questions

Standard Package FAQs

  • Doctors’ fees (including daily attendance of case doctor, surgeon and anaesthetist fees if applicable) 
  • Standard room charges (including accommodation and meals*) 
  • Diagnostic procedure charges (including pathology testing and diagnostic imaging) 
  • Treatment procedures charges (including emergency procedure, blood transfusion) 
  • Operating theatre charges (including extra operation theatre time for prolonged surgical operations) 
  • Intensive care charges 
  • Re-operation charges if occurred during the stipulated length of stay 
  • Nursing procedure charge 
  • Medication fee 
  • Equipment / instrument charge 
  • Consumables / materials / designated implants charges  

*Applicable to overnight packages only.

  • Companion bed / guest inpatient meals 
  • Additional operation charges, medication, diagnostic procedure and sundries charges which do not relate to the original surgical package 
  • Changing bed within the same grade of accommodation 
  • The intent of the standard package is to provide price certainty and assurance to patients. Each patient is entitled to the use of one (1) standard package only. If the 2 procedures/surgeries are frequently performed together, we will review and create an appropriate package when necessary. 
  • Patients under a standard package will not be able to upgrade their room type. Should they wish to do so, they will forfeit their standard package offer and be charged on an ala-carte basis.
  • The standard package will still apply in the event that the patient is upgraded at the expense of the hospital. 
  • In the event that the patient requires a longer hospital stay than the stipulated package length-of-stay, the extension package will be applied. The extension package is calculated at a per day rate which includes all doctors fees, room charges, post-operative diagnostic and treatment charges related to core procedure (including resuscitation, blood transfusion, advanced diagnostic imaging, and re-operation charges related to direct complication of core procedure), nursing procedure charges, medication fees, basic equipment, instruments, and consumables and materials charges. The extension does not include intensive care charges.
  • After a consultation from a Gleneagles/Gleneagles affiliated doctor, the doctor will advise you on your suitability to the standard packages and advise you on the associated risk category if applicable. 

General FAQs

Please bring your insurance card to your visit. If you have any secondary insurance information, it is important to provide this information as well upon registration.

We strongly encourage you to check with your insurance provider prior to your hospital visit. Some insurance carriers require pre-authorisation or referral forms prior to the day of admission or tests. It is the patient’s responsibility to know whether or not they need to obtain pre-authorisation or referral for their admission or tests. Some insurance providers will not pay for certain services, unless the service is authorised prior to that. 

  • The Gleneagles Fee Advisory Team will glad to arrange a discussion to provide you with an estimate of the expected costs based on information provided by your doctor.
  • In some instances, the total final bill may vary from the initial estimated cost discussed with the Gleneagles Fee Advisory Team as more hospital services may have been rendered as compared to what was initial expected by the Admitting Doctor. For instance, if you stay longer, or the doctor performs extra procedures.
  • You are required to settle the outstanding bill prior your discharge from hospital.
  • Your doctor’s referral letter
  • Hong Kong Identity Card / Passport
  • Any medical benefits card or letter of guarantee from your insurance company/employer (only applicable for companies that have credit arrangements with the hospital
  • Intimates, pyjamas (open front encouraged), dressing gown
  • Closed slippers, preferably skid-proof (as footwear must be worn at all times)
  • Children: familiar toys, such as a favourite toy or doll
  • Any special devices or equipment needed (eyeglasses, hearing aids, wheelchair, CPAP mask etc.)
  • If you are required to have regular physiotherapy sessions, please pack some comfortable sportswear
  • Please leave jewellery, credit cards, large amounts of money and other valuables at home