All-inclusive Fixed Price Medical Packages

All Inclusive Medical Packages 01

Dedicated to delivering quality healthcare services for patients, Gleneagles provides over 300 fixed-price and all-inclusive medical packages in various specialties, offering patients high fee transparency and peace of mind.

Features of our Medical Packages:

  • All-inclusive and fixed price
  • Packages price covers ALL costs related to the procedure, i.e.
    • Doctor’s fee
    • Anaesthetist’s fee
    • Room charges (including meals*)
    • Essential and related diagnostic procedure charges (including laboratory testing and diagnostic imaging)
    • Treatment procedures charges (including emergency procedure, blood transfusion etc)
    • Operating theatre charges (including extra operation theatre time)
    • Nursing procedure charges
    • Inpatient medication fee and seven days’ worth of discharge medication or up as prescribed by the attending doctor with relevancy to package
    • Equipment and instrument charges
    • Consumable, materials, and implant charges
  • Covering costs related to complications (including intensive care and re-operation charges)
  • No additional costs for patients discharged within the scheduled length of stay
  • Two-bedded room with en-suite facilities

*Applicable to overnight packages only.

To help patients better manage costs and make informed decisions, fee advisory service will be offered to all patients before admission.

Discounted Package for Family Planning Association’s Referral

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