All-inclusive Fixed Price Medical Packages

Dedicated to delivering quality healthcare services for patients, Gleneagles provides over 240 fixed-price and all-inclusive medical packages in various specialties, offering patients high fee transparency and peace of mind.

Features of our Medical Packages:

  • All-inclusive and fixed price
  • Packages price covers ALL costs related to the procedure, i.e.
    • Doctor’s fee
    • Anaesthetist’s fee
    • Room charges (including meals*)
    • Essential and related diagnostic procedure charges (including laboratory testing and diagnostic imaging)
    • Treatment procedures charges (including emergency procedure, blood transfusion etc)
    • Operating theatre charges (including extra operation theatre time)
    • Nursing procedure charges
    • Inpatient medication fee and seven days’ worth of discharge medication or up as prescribed by the attending doctor with relevancy to package
    • Equipment and instrument charges
    • Consumable, materials, and implant charges
  • Covering costs related to complications (including intensive care and re-operation charges)
  • No additional costs for patients discharged within the scheduled length of stay
  • Two-bedded room with en-suite facilities

*Applicable to overnight packages only.

To help patients better manage costs and make informed decisions, fee advisory service will be offered to all patients before admission.

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