Hand Surgery and Paralytic Reconstruction Centre

The Hand Surgery and Paralytic Reconstruction Centre delivers services in hand surgery, which include high-level hand service, microsurgical reconstruction and paralytic reconstruction. 

Clinical services of the Centre

We treat different kinds of paralytic condition. Our target areas include:

1. Congenital hand and upper limb lesions: The Centre provides high level of reconstruction to regain cosmesis and function.

2. Spasticity management in cerebral palsy, post-stroke conditions, and related problems: We combine musculoskeletal reconstruction and microsurgical nerve reconstruction techniques, like highly selective neurectomy.

3. Difficult wound management in diabetic ulcers and pressure sores: Various non-operative and operative strategies are adopted for comprehensive management, such as biological debridement by maggot therapy for poor-risk patients. The target is limb salvage in diabetic limb patients and wound healing in difficult chronic wounds.

4. Helping patients with significant paralysis: Patients with significant paralysis like tetraplegia and multiple peripheral nerve injury have significant difficulties in activities of daily living. With advanced reconstructive surgeries, we target these patients to go back to gainful employment. The quality of life and self-esteem can be restored, and the society can be benefited.

5. Sports hand service: We treat hand and wrist lesions. With this service, elite athletes can be properly and timely managed, allowing them to express their full sports potential.

6. Small joint arthroplasties to replace post-traumatic and degenerative joints in hands and wrists.

Medical education

As a centre of hand surgery and paralytic reconstruction, the Centre organises regular intermediate and advanced surgical training courses for local and overseas doctors. Microsurgery courses and cadaveric workshops on surgical techniques are particularly valuable. Local, regional and international conferences were organised by the University of Hong Kong in the past and will become regular educational activities of the Centre. Besides providing education to professionals, the Centre also provides a platform for patient mutual support groups to learn more about their problems and explore possible management.  

Contribution to society and mankind

Medical mission trips

The Centre participates in regular medical mission trips where our expertise in hand surgery is provided to those who have limited access to hand surgeon specialist care in the Asia-Pacific area. A longitudinal relationship has been established to ensure that long-term follow-up care is achieved in patients who received surgeries for deformity correction and hand reconstruction.


Clinic D, G/F, Tower A

Service hours:

By appointment

Our specialists:

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Consultation fees:


Follow up: HK$1,500

Remarks: The above charges refer to doctor consultation fees only and exclude fees for other procedures, medication, laboratory services, etc. The total charge is subject to the attending doctor's discretion and depends on individual patient's condition. Details of ancillary charges are available at the Admission and Cashier Counters.