Engaging patients for continuous improvement

At Gleneagles, we always strive to provide patients with a total experience and value the feedback from our patients. To achieve continuous improvement, we have a number initiatives to track patients’ feedback, including surveys, client feedback group, and the adoption of the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Through these, we aim to measure patients’ level of satisfaction and devise corresponding improvement measures.  

What is Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

NPS, a tool used by organisations around the globe to understand customer loyalty and satisfaction. It measures customer perception based on responses to one simple question:


“On a scale of zero-to-ten, how likely would you recommend our hospital to your relatives and friends?”


Based on the scores given by patients, the respondents are divided into three types:

  • 9 – 10: Promoter
  • 7 – 8: Passive
  • 0 – 6: Detractor

Calculation: NPS = % of Promoters – % of Detractors

NPS can range from -100 (if every patient is a Detractor) to 100 (if every patient is a Promoter), depending on the scores and their distribution.

NPS varies across different industries, a positive NPS is generally considered good while 50 and above is deemed excellent.

Gleneagles’ NPS

2020                   2020               2021             
November   DecemberJanuary
2021             2021      
2021     2021     

Every month, we collect the scores and opinions from patients through e-surveys and compare the NPS with fellow hospitals in other regions under our hospital group. Goals are set and evaluation of our performance is conducted regularly to strive for continuous improvement. 

How we manage patient’s feedback for continuous improvement

A dedicated team to take care of patients’ needs

Our Service Excellence team is dedicated to managing service quality-related matters. Where we note unsatisfactory scoring of our service, the team will reach out to the patient to understand more about the situation. We will also keep a record of how patients’ concerns are handled and review how the cases are managed in regular meetings. 


Manage feedback seriously and systematically

We collect and review opinions on different aspects, including staff attitude, facilities, and administrative procedures etc, in a systematic manner. Where follow-up actions are deemed necessary, we actively communicate with relevant departments to further understand patient’s feedback and make corresponding improvements, similarly, we also ensure that commendations and appreciations to staff and departments are conveyed. 

Engage patients via client feedback group

We invite patients to join our client feedback group, which is held quarterly, to share their opinions face-to-face with our hospital management and frontline colleagues. Through this direct communication with our patients, we understand first-hand their needs and invite them to make suggestions for improvement. 

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