International Patient Services

In response to the increasing global demand for premier medical care, Gleneagles has set up international patient services to meet the needs of our overseas patients. We are committed to pursuing excellence across diverse fields, ensuring that patients receive peronalised treatment and professional nursing care. Grounded in our mission to provide quality service, we leverage state-of-the-art technologies and equipment. With our commitment to understand patients’ needs, every patient receives excellent medical services and speedy recover with peace of mind. 

Key Medical Facilities and Services

At Gleneagles, we offer all-inclusive and transparent fixed price medical packages that cover different aspects of your hospitalisation treatment. The package fees include doctor’s fee, diagnostic, treatment and surgical fees, hospitalisation fees, medical supplies fees, and expenses related to managing complications such as re-operation and intensive care, and more. We maintain close collaborations with major insurance companies to facilitate full or partial coverage of package fees for patients. Prior to admission, our comprehensive fee advisory services ensure that patients thoroughly understand the charges for various items.

Gleneagles offers a suite of room classes, including standard room, semi-private room, private room, junior suite, and VIP suites. Our patient rooms boast comprehensive facilities, ensuring that patients receive timely and professional medical services, along with personalised care tailored to their daily needs and dietary requirements. We also place great importance on patients' psychological well-being and strive to address their needs as we guide them through their treatment journey.

As a leading multi-specialty hospital, Gleneagles is renowned for its internationally acclaimed endoscopy and day surgery centres. These state-of-the-art facilities allow a diverse array of examinations and high-quality surgical treatments, including bronchoscopy, ultrasound endoscopy, gastroscopy, colonoscopy and capsule endoscopy. Equipped with cutting-edge technology such as positive pressure systems and surgical towers, our operating theatres are supported by a multi-disciplinary team of specialist doctors, anaesthesiologists and professional nurses. We also utilise advanced surgical robotic systems to enhance precision, minimise invasiveness and accelerate recovery.

We consider the safety and comfort of expectant mothers and newborns the top priority of our obstetrics and gynaecology services. We provide round-the-clock mother-infant rooming-in services, enabling babies to stay with their mothers, along with husband accompaniment services during labour. Our outpatient clinics also offer comprehensive obstetrics and gynaecology services, including high-quality clinical diagnosis and treatment such as ultrasound scanning, Down’s syndrome screening, amniocentesis and cervical cytology examination, colposcopy and endometrial biopsy. Additionally, we are a proud champion of breastfeeding and have taken part in the "Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative" launched by the WHO and the UNICEF.

The hospital's specialist outpatient services bring together a team of experienced medical experts known for their exceptional medical skills and personalised care approach which have earned the trust of patients. Our comprehensive range of specialist outpatient clinics encompass specialties such as cardiology, haematology and oncology, orthopaedic surgery and paediatrics while our specialists service centres provide services in various areas including joint replacement, maternal-fetal care, spinal health, and pain management. Each specialist clinic is equipped with dedicated waiting areas and consultation rooms, ensuring a comfortable environment for all. Moreover, we customise treatment plans according to each patient's specific condition, delivering the most appropriate and effective care.

Gleneagles is equipped with a radiotherapy and oncology centre, a chemotherapy centre, and a haematology and oncology outpatient clinic, offering a spectrum of cancer services including treatments for musculoskeletal, peritoneal and gynaecological tumours. Our cancer services are managed by multi-disciplinary teams of experts including orthopaedists, radiologists, pathologists, clinical oncologists, anaesthesiologists, and physiotherapists. Our collaborative multi-disciplinary approach provides patients with accurate diagnoses, effective treatment plans, optimal perioperative risk management, and rehabilitation therapy. From diagnosis to treatment, meticulous care is taken to ensure that the best treatment outcomes are achieved.

At Gleneagles, we are committed to providing world-class auxiliary diagnostic services, offering robust support for patient care with our outstanding diagnostic technologies. Services encompass audiology, clinical laboratory services, dietetic services, optometry service, radiology and imaging diagnostics, as well as rehabilitation services.

Medical Concierge Service

We strive to meet the medical needs of international patients by providing professional and efficient consultation and appointment services. Patients can schedule appointments through our website, phone calls, or mobile phone application, and we also offer accompaniment services, including translation services for patients from different countries. To ensure that patients receive the most appropriate and professional treatment services, our hospital has implemented a stringent referral protocol, thereby providing patients with a broader array of high-quality treatment options. We also offer international medical visa services to facilitate patients’ seamless access to our services.

Gleneagles offers multiple payment options, including cash, EPS (Electronic Payment Services), different types of credit cards include Visa, Master, American Express, JCB, UnionPay, and Alipay, WeChat Pay, bank transfer, and bank drafts. If a patient's bill is to be settled directly by his/her employer or insurance company, they simply need to present a guarantee letter and/or medical card (stating the ward type, patient's name, and ID number). It is important to note that guarantee letters from companies or insurance firms without pre-established credit arrangements are not accepted.

Our pre-admission fee advisory services enable patients to make informed decisions about their medical expenses before admission. While we strive to offer the most accurate cost estimates, changes in treatment plans or medical needs may affect the initial estimates. If patients require any additional services during their hospital stay, we will provide updated cost estimates for consideration. Additionally, we offer all-inclusive fixed-price medical packages for patients, clearly outlining the services included. For the price lists of common charges, please click HERE.

For the convenience of our patients, we have been collaborating closely with local major insurance companies, international insurance companies, and third-party management organisations to provide direct billing services. Additionally, we have established a dedicated team to assist patients with pre-approval and settlement arrangements, ensuring a seamless,convenient and top-notch healthcare experience for patients.

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