Health Screening Clinic

Health Screening Clinic aims to provide prevention, detection and treatment of medical condition. Our services include a variety of comprehensive health check packages that cover physician's examination, blood test, diagnostic imaging, eye check ups, cardiac assessment and dietetic consultation.

A detailed check up report with attending physician's consultation will facilitate appropriate referral and treatment services.

Location: Clinic K, G/F, Tower B

Service hours: 

Monday - Friday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday8:00 am – 1:00 pm
Sunday and public holidayclosed

Health Checkup Packages

    *Elderly Health Care Voucher are accepted

Please click here to view the list of enrolled doctors in the scheme at Gleneagles.

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  Please contact Cardiology Clinic on +852 3153 9193 for appointment.  


  • Vision Care Plan (by Optometrist)
    Please contact Eye Clinic on +852 3153 9093 for appointment. 

    Service includes: 
    • Case history 
    • Visual acuity
    • Refraction 
    • Binocular vision 
    • Color vision 
    • Intra-ocular pressure 
    • Fundus photo taking OR cycloplegic refraction (Either one, depending on individual case)
    • Provision of information related to eye care
    • Suggestion for follow-up plan
      Price: HK$420

      Service upgrade for Vision Care Plan client (by Ophthalmologist)
      Service includes:
    • Interpretation of Vision Care Plan examination result 
    • External and fundal examination 
    • Diagnosis and recommendation by Ophthalmologist 
      Additional Price: HK$580


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What our patients say

Thank you card from Jill Gallie

To Health Screening Clinic,

Thank you so much for all the kindness and care you have showed me with during my check-up.

The doctor, nurses, radiologists and staff were all so caring, compassionate and thorough.

I felt so safe and secure being tested during COVID-19 and never worried for a second.

Thank you all so much.

What an amazing hospital and staff!

All the best~~

Jill Gallie

Our Doctors

Dr Ho King Yip Anthony 20211004

Dr HO King Yip Anthony
何敬業 醫生

Family Medicine

  • Consultant in Family Medicine
  • Director, Family Medicine Centre
Dr LI Kwok Tung Donald 李國棟 醫生

Dr LI Kwok Tung Donald
李國棟 醫生

Family Medicine

  • Honorary Consultant in Family Medicine
Dr Lo Ka Man Michelle

Dr LO Ka Man Michelle
羅嘉敏 醫生

General Practice

  • Honorary Clinical Assistant Professor in Family Medicine, The University of Hong Kong

6 specialists