Insurance & Direct Billing

For patients’ convenience, we have partnered with the majority of local insurers, leading international insurance carriers and third-party administrators to provide direct billing services. We have also set up a dedicated team to assist patients with handling pre-approval applications and relevant documentation to facilitate a stress-free and seamless healthcare experience. 

You may refer to the list below, which is updated periodically, for our current medical insurance partners.  As each insurance company and policy differs, we recommend that you contact your insurance company to understand better the policy and benefits of your plan, BEFORE appointment or admission.

Should you have any questions or need any help regarding insurance claims, please do not hesitate to contact our Admission and Cashier Office at +852 3153 9000.

Important Note:

  1. Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital reserves the right to accept an insurance card or documentation as a method of payment at the hospital’s sole discretion.
  2. Please check with your insurance company regarding direct billing arrangements.

Insurance Company and Direct Billing Partner

(Alphabetical listing by company name)

Aetna Resized
Aia Resize
Aig Resize
Alc Global Health Insurance Resize
Allianz Worldwide Care Resize
Ama Resize
Amity Health Resize
April International Resize
Asia Insurance Resize
Axa Resize
Blue Cross Resize 2
Bowtie Resized2
Bupa New Resize
China Life
Cigna Resized
Cover More Resize
Cpic Resized
Euro Center Resize
Europ Assistance Resize
Ftlife Resized
Fwd Resize
Generali Global Health Resize
Generali Resize
Geo Blue Resized
Healix Resize
Henner Resize
Hmg Resize
Hmmp Resize
Hope Medical Resize
Hth Worldwide Resized
Img Resize
Ims Resize
International Sos Resize
Ken Lee Resize
Liberty Insurance Resize
Manulife Resized
Medical Administrators International Resize
Mhc Resize
Morganprice International Resize
Msh China Resized
Msig Resize
Now Health International Resize
Pin An Health Resize
Presige International Meitu Resize
Prudential Resize
Quality Healthcare Resize
Ty Solutions Resize
Ump Resize
United Healthcare Global Resize
William Russell Resize
Yflife Resize
Zurich Resize