Radiotherapy and Oncology Centre

Radiotherapy is one of the most commonly used treatment modalities for cancer.  Depending on the type of cancer, it could be used alone or combined with other treatment modalities such as surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy or hormonal therapy.

Radiotherapy treats cancers by delivering high-energy radiation beams to cancer cells through sophisticated radiotherapy machines.  These high-energy radiations destroy fast-growing cancer cells by damaging the DNA within these cells.  Normal cells have better self-repairing capability, and thus, through individualised planning of treatment area and radiation dose, cancer cells can be destroyed by high dose while the surrounding healthy cells can recover from low dose received.

Radiotherapy is a localised treatment.  It only affects the part of a body that is irradiated.  This is the greatest difference between radiotherapy and chemotherapy which is a systemic treatment.

Our Services

Our centre provides individualised radiotherapy using state-of-the-art radiotherapy equipment.  Various treatment techniques are available in our centre, including:

Our radiotherapy team provides patients with sophisticated and precise treatments, taking care of patients’ needs  every step of the way.

Our nurse specialists will also offer professional advice on patient care prior to, during and after the treatment.

Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital (GHK) provides patients with excellent care through a team of clinical experts in oncology, offering the most appropriate consultation and treatment plans. 


Our doctor or patient’s private doctor will discuss with patient on the treatment plan and provide details on the benefit and risks of the intended treatment.

To enhance treatment accuracy, radiation therapist will provide a comfortable, custom-made immobilisation device to suit patient’s treatment needs. 

A computed tomography could be arranged, depending on treatment needs, for computer planning of radiotherapy doses that suits patient’s treatment plan.

Doctor defines the treatment area and dose constraints for the patient using the sophisticated planning computer.  Our radiotherapy team will then devise the treatment plan according to the patient’s clinical needs.

Patient can take a brief rest at this stage to prepare for the treatment.  Our team, comprising doctors, radiation therapists and medical physicists, make the final test and verification for the treatment process.

On the first day of treatment, our radiation therapist will give the patient a detailed explanation of the treatment process and points to note, before the precise treatment is performed.  Our radiotherapy team will accompany the patient and provide him/her with holistic care throughout the whole treatment journey. 

Radiotherapy and Oncology Centre 

Location: B/F, Tower A

Service hours:

Monday - Friday9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday, Sunday and public holidayclosed (or according to exigencies of the service)

Appointments: +852 2122 1333

What our patients say

Gratitude Letter for Radiotherapy and Oncology clinic

I am writing this letter with a heart filled with gratitude. Thank you for recruiting a group of wonderful medical staff. Each one of them is devoted, committed, caring, patient, gentle, professional, and highly effective. I have been to hospitals in several countries such as Singapore, USA, UAE, and China. Gleneagles has given me a super pleasant and heartwarming experience.

It is really meaningful and helpful to allow patients to listen to their favourite music, which makes the treatment a soothing experience. I want to give thanks to the management/doctor who thought of such an original arrangement. Splendid!

You are all like guardian angels to the patient.

Radiotherapy and Oncology Centre staff are excellent and made a difficult treatment very pleasant!

Julie Chen

Miss Liana Tang exhibited professionalism, patience,caring and efficiency. She has provided excellent service taking care of me while sitting in the waiting room for radiotherapy.  

Miss Tang Tang, gave me strength to overcome obstacles in life from our friendly conversations during my visit to your Radiotherapy Department. Her beautiful smiles and friendly attitude eliminate my pressure and fear towards radiotherapy. Without her assistance, I did not think I would finish the whole process of the radiotherapy in such a peaceful manner. 

My gratitude towards her from saving of my life and she deserves a reward.  

Lo Mei Ling


Joseph Wong