Stereotactic radiotherapy

What is Stereotactic Radiotherapy?

Stereotactic radiotherapy is very precisely targeted radiation therapy. This is made possible by state-of-the-art image guidance system integrated in the radiation therapy machine. The radiation beams are aimed at your tumour from many different  angles, which can give the best radiation coverage on tumor while sparing the normal organs . Stereotactic radiotherapy can be given to many different body sites, including brain, lung, liver, bone, kidney, lymph nodes and prostate. In most patients, stereotactic radiotherapy can be given with accelerated regime called “hypofractionation”, i.e. shortening the overall treatment course from weeks to days. This can give better tumor control and more patients’ convenience. This can also be better integrated in the systemic cancer treatment plan. Stereotactic radiotherapy is provided in HKG by a team of experienced clinical oncologist, medical physicists and radiographers.

Why do you need Stereotactic radiotherapy​​?

Stereotactic radiotherapy is used to treat small tumours in the brain, spine, lungs, and liver. This therapy can also be given directly to your tumour as a ‘boost’ at the end of conventional radiation therapy.

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