Intensity modulated radiotherapy​ (IMRT)

What is Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy​ (IMRT)?

Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) is an advanced type of radiation therapy that is used to treat cancer. Beams of radiation are controlled to conform to the shape of your tumour, and any small radiation beams of varying intensities are used to treat your tumour precisely.

The aim of IMRT is to reduce the amount of radiation to your healthy tissues and limit the side effects of treatment, meanwhile provide a high dose to eradicate the cancer.

Why do you need Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy​ (IMRT)?

There are several advantages to IMRT:

  • Higher cure rates — Higher doses of radiation can be given to destroy the tumour
  • Fewer side effects — Computer images are used to plan and deliver very focused radiation beams, avoiding the surrounding healthy tissue
  • Option of retreatment — If it is needed, retreatment can be given as the healthy tissue has received less radiation than with conventional radiation therapy
  • More people can be treated — Even if your tumour is difficult to reach or is located close to a vital organ, it can be treated with radiation therapy
  • Better quality of life — Your body will recover better and faster than with conventional radiation therapy

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