Gleneagles collaborates with Hospital Authority to provide free teleconsultation service with medication to support COVID-19 elderly in community

(26 August 2022 – Hong Kong) Starting from 27 August 2022, Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong (Gleneagles) will collaborate with the Hospital Authority (HA) to provide teleconsultation with medication delivery and counselling services to COVID-19 patients aged 60 or above, making it the city’s first private hospital to provide free teleconsultation service to COVID-19 patients in collaboration with the authorities. The initiative is funded by the HA and patients are not required to pay for the service. Through the initiative, Gleneagles strives to provide professional medical services to patients in need, help reduce the risk of complication of infected patients and alleviate pressure on public hospitals.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Gleneagles has launched different initiatives to provide high-quality medical services to support COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients. To facilitate the government’s anti-epidemic work, and in light of the recent epidemic situation, Gleneagles is strengthening its support for COVID-19 elderly patients in the community.

Gleneagles will proactively contact the COVID-19 patients on the list to be provided by the HA on a daily basis to understand their health conditions and encourage them to participate in teleconsultation. Upon obtaining the patient’s consent, the patient will be arranged to undergo teleconsultation with a doctor on the same day. Subject to the doctor’s assessment of the patient’s conditions, medication, including antiviral drugs if deemed appropriate, will be prescribed and delivered to the patient's home. Drug counselling service will also be offered.

Dr Kenneth Tsang, Chief Executive Officer of Gleneagles, said, “The demand for medical services continues to be strong amid the epidemic. Riding on our experience in conducting teleconsultation, we mobilise our manpower and resources swiftly and collaborate with the HA to provide COVID-19 elderly patients with timely and free teleconsultation. To support the service, we will deploy our existing manpower and recruit external staff while hoping to help reduce the pressure on emergency services of public hospitals.”

“Gleneagles has been actively supporting the Government’s anti-epidemic work through launching different initiatives, including offering 50 hospital beds to provide inpatient and day care services to non-COVID-19 patients transferred by the HA, such that public hospitals may focus on COVID-19 patients with more serious conditions.  In addition, Gleneagles has provided medical support to the elderly patients with mild symptoms or those who are recovering at the holding centres at Shek Kip Mei Park Sports Centre and Tin Shui Wai Sports Centre. We will continue to work closely with the HA and relevant government departments to provide appropriate support to people with different medical needs in the community, and our devoted teams will work in unity to safeguard the health of the public,” Dr Tsang added.

Gleneagles has been offering teleconsultation and drug delivery services since 2020, providing patients with an additional consultation option amid the pandemic. The provision of teleconsultation service for COVID-19 patients has allowed patients with mild symptoms to receive timely medical care. This is complemented by teleconsultation service for non-COVID-19 patients, covering service in General Practice and various specialties. The hospital has also set up COVID-19 outpatient service through which prescription drugs, including oral antiviral drugs, are provided. Meanwhile, to assist patients who are affected by the reduction of non-urgent services in public hospitals, Gleneagles has provided special offers on medical packages for public hospital patients, including the total knee replacement medical package. Gleneagles will continue to provide high-quality medical services while actively supporting the Government to combat the epidemic.

Details of free teleconsultation service

Date: From 27 August 2022

Time: Monday to Sunday (9am to 6pm)

Target: COVID-19 patients aged 60 or above Booking method: Gleneagles will contact on-list patients. There will be no need for patients to call the hospital for appointment booking.