GHK all-inclusive fixed price medical packages fit well with VHIS Standard Plans

(29 March 2019 – Hong Kong) GHK welcomes the launch of the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS) which is an important step forward in enhancing the quality and certainty of insurance protection, which will in turn enhance public confidence in using private healthcare services, alleviating the burden on the public system in the longer run.

Mr Dirk Schraven, Chief Executive Officer of Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital (GHK), said “Our all-inclusive packages which also cover complications, are well positioned to help patients maximise the utilisation and benefits of the VHIS Standard Plans. While the details of the Plans are yet to be further studied, from our preliminary study of the benefit limits, we believe that some of our current packages are well covered by the plans. Taking the examples of our packages on total knee replacement, bronchoscopy and haemorrhoidectomy, we estimate that around 68% to 95% of these package fees can be covered by the Standard Plans.”

To allow more patients to be able to enjoy the price certainty and transparency of GHK’s packages offer, GHK has been expanding the package portfolio on an ongoing basis and currently offers over 120 packages. “In the longer run, we also plan to develop all-inclusive packages for more complex conditions such as heart diseases and other complex surgeries,” Mr Schraven added.

The design of GHK’s medical packages gives VHIS policy holders additional price certainty and transparency, since our package prices are fixed and patients will know upfront how much will be the out-of-pocket, if any. For non-package patients, they also receive fee advisory during which an accurate fee estimate of the procedure required is explained before admission.

Currently, collaborations between GHK and major insurance companies have allowed GHK packages to be fully or mostly covered by insurance plans. GHK will continue to explore deeper collaboration with insurance companies to provide more packages that will fit well with VHIS and other general plans. 


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