Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong Signs Collaboration Agreement with HKSTP to Drive Cutting-Edge Innovation and Advance Patient Care

Mr Albert Wong, CEO of HKSTP (second from left) and Dr Kenneth Tsang, CEO of Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong (second from right) signed the agreement for a collaboration framework on advancing patient care through the co-creation of innovation products and services for clinical use. Dr Grace Lau, Head of Institute for Translational Research, HKSTP (first from left) and Mr Paul Lau, CFO of Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong (first from right) also attended the signing ceremony.

(12 June 2023 - Hong Kong) – Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), today announced its partnership with Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong (Gleneagles) to advance patient care through the co-creation of innovative products and services for clinical use.

The strategic partnership has been formed under the HKSTP MedTech Co-Create Programme (MTCC), an open innovation platform to foster collaboration and integrate technological innovations into patient care pathways. The partnership will see Gleneagles combine its deep medical expertise and clinical research capability with HKSTP’s biomedical technology ecosystem and expert network, to translate research into commercially viable, high-impact innovation.

Mr Albert Wong, CEO of HKSTP, said, “The HKSTP ecosystem has a track record of nurturing and producing high quality health and biotech companies who are pushing the boundaries in their field. With more than 210 biomedical Park companies and incubatees and over 1,200 researchers from 12 countries, today HKSTP has a strong portfolio of translational research and development. By matching these with Gleneagles, one of the most innovative and progressive private hospitals in Asia, we can open new opportunities for co-creation that can rapidly translate research into clinical and commercial successes."

During an inaugural meeting under the MTCC programme between HKSTP and Gleneagles in early 2022, precision oncology was identified as an initial area of interest. Matching sessions were arranged for Gleneagles with Park companies in this area covering artificial intelligence (AI) and laboratory testing. This resulted in a successful collaboration with Codex Genetics, a homegrown company at Science Park specialising in deep patient profiling to guide disease management. The collaboration will see the two parties expand patient access to the latest personalised treatment options through an AI-powered treatment matching platform.

Dr Grace Lau, Head of Institute for Translational Research, HKSTP, said, “This partnership further expedites the translation of biomedical technologies to benefit the public. Throughout the technology translation journey from ideation to development, commercialisation and adoption, the MTCC Programme represents one of HKSTP’s initiatives to bridge “the last mile” in technology implementation and adoption. With MTCC, we connect technology adopters including leading medical institutes like Gleneagles with strong tech providers to co-create clinical use cases. We have in our ecosystem a portfolio of mature technologies that are ready for clinical integration, including AI and precision oncology solutions provided by Codex Genetics. MTCC provides an open platform for the community including healthcare professionals to discover and explore these technologies, and to co-create with our partner companies, with a shared vision to bring forward integrated, patient-centric care.”

Dr Kenneth Tsang, CEO of Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong, added, “Gleneagles has been striving to continuously transform and improve patient care through leveraging healthcare technological innovations. We are pleased to collaborate with HKSTP, which is providing us with access to one of the richest health and biotechnology innovation ecosystems in Asia. We look forward to deepening our partnership with HKSTP to contribute to the development of innovative technologies, and ultimately translate them into impactful healthcare solutions for patients.”

Through the collaboration, Gleneagles and HKSTP will continue to explore and expand its areas of collaboration across more areas including managing health data.