Phlebotomy Training Course

Phlebotomy Training Course

The Phlebotomy Training Course at Gleneagles provides basic knowledge and training with practicum in phlebotomy and ECG as well as basic education on laboratory tests. The course is taught by experienced nurses, medical technologists and phlebotomists. 

Course Details

Duration:From 7 July 2022 to 7 October 2022 (14 weeks)
Time:- Every Thursday: Whole day (10:00 am - 5:00 pm) [Lecture]
- Every Friday: Half day (5:00 pm - 8:00 pm) [Practicum]
Teaching Team:Experienced nurses and medical technologists
Coaching Team: Experienced nurses and phlebotomist
Course content:Course include:
- Infection control
- Occupational safety
- Basic anatomy
- Phlebotomy equipment
- Laboratory tests
- Blood culture technique
- Paediatric blood taking
- Electrocardiogram
- Blood taking and IV cannulation
- Practice
- Customer service skills
- Communication skills
Language:Cantonese supplemented with English medical terms
Assessment:Written and practical examination
Award:90% attendance + passing of examination 
Graduates will be awarded a Certificate of Completion by Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong
Requirement:F.5 or above with basic competency in English
Course fee:HK$15,000 (certificate and practice instruments included)

***Graduates of this course may have the opportunity to be employed as Phlebotomist by Gleneagles.


Please complete this enrolment form and submit it with the bank receipt (if any) to our Sample Collection Centre on G/F in person or via WhatsApp (link).


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