COVID-19 Test: Steps for Online Booking

Online booking system

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Booking steps

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  1. Please arrive 30 mins before the booking time for registration in 24-hours Outpatient & Emergency Department;
  2. Do NOT brush your teeth, eat or drink after getting up; 
  3. Empty your stomach for at least 6 hours
  4. Bring along your HKID card, passport or any travelling document for registration;
  5. Ensure that you have NO fever or any signs of upper respiratory tract infection.
  6. Please click here to learn more about the steps of deep throat saliva specimen collection. 
  7. To authorise someone to collect the report on patient’s behalf, the authorisee has to bring along a copy of the authoriser's HKID/Passport and the original copy of the authorisation letter. Please click here to download the authorisation letter template.