Clinical Laboratory

Senior Medical Technologist

Reference No. GHK - CL/SMT

Job Responsibilities

  • Recommending the type and amount of equipment to be purchased to carry out the necessary tests and procedures.
  • Preparing operating and manpower budgets for the laboratory.
  • Directing regular maintenance and performance checks on all instruments and equipment.
  • Recommending technical methods, instruments to be used and procuring the necessary reagents and consumables for use in such methods or instruments.
  • Enforcing personnel policies within the laboratory as well as developing appropriate job descriptions.
  • Administering performance appraisals and reviews for all laboratory personnel.
  • Controls, maintains and improves the quality and safety standards of laboratory services.
  • Directing the setting up, monitoring and periodic review of Standard Operating Policies/Procedures/Work Instructions of the departments and carrying out test evaluation programs on new methodologies and instruments as necessary.
  • Ensuring environmental conditions meet maximum safety regulatory requirements, and enforcing safety measures against fire, caustic and toxic chemicals and bacterial hazards.
  • Maintaining compliance with all licensing/accreditation agency policies.
  • Training of laboratory technical staff.
  • To provide for growth, expansion and diversification of the department in keeping with the needs of the hospital and the organization:
  • Acting as a liaison with other department managers and hospital administration to co-ordinate the work of the laboratory with other department functions.
  • Maintaining good public relations with the medical staff, other hospital personnel and the community.
  • Consulting with the Chief Executive Officer and Laboratory Director (HOD) for the test procedures beyond the capability of the department to determine feasible alternatives.
  • Any other duties as assigned from time to time by management.


  • Recognized Bachelor degree in Medical Laboratory Science or equivalent Science Degree.
  • A Master degree in medical science or management is preferable.
  • Hong Kong Medical Laboratory Board Part 1 License.
  • At least 10 years of experience working in medical laboratory, more than 5 years of which shall be at a supervisory level.

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