Trigger Finger Surgery

What is Trigger Finger Surgery?

Patients with trigger finger (stenosing tenosynovitis) would find their tendon got stuck and the finger locked as the finger bends towards the palm. The locking is caused by a tendon catching on the sheath that surrounds it, which can be painful. Trigger finger surgery is performed to release the tendon from the sheath when it causes pain or the finger becomes “locked”. This surgery is a minor procedure that can be performed as day surgery with local anaesthetic. The surgeon will make a small cut into the palm of the affected hand and release the tendon from the part of the sheath it was catching on. The surgery is almost always successful and patients will regain normal use of their hands upon recovery.

Why is Trigger Finger Surgery required?

Anti-inflammatory drugs and steroid injection can help some but not all patients. If they fail to relieve pain and locking, surgery would be an effective and permanent solution to the problem.

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