Clinical Governance

Clinical governance framework is a systematic and integrated approach to maintaining and improving the quality of patient care, with the following three core elements:


The University of Hong Kong’s (HKU) commitment is demonstrated through its role and participation in the hospital’s Clinical Governance Committee which oversees service quality and patient safety.

The Clinical Governance Committee has put in place a framework that will drive the continuous improvement in the quality of our services and safeguard high standards of care. Patient safety, clinical effectiveness/efficiency and patient experience are core elements of the framework. Key performance indicators are also developed to monitor performance and audits are also conducted to safeguard good practice. There are also mechanisms to review clinical incidents and conduct risk assessment. Collectively they aim to minimise risk to patients, establish a learning culture and create an environment in which excellence in clinical care will flourish.

Clinical governance is also exemplified at GHK by way of the hospital’s Medical Board. The Medical Board is chaired by a senior professor of HKU. The Medical Board developed robust, comprehensive credentialing criteria in a formal process to ensure medical practitioners practising at Gleneagles have attained the necessary qualification, experience and professional standing. Demonstration of active and current practices, and peer review are considered when defining the medical practitioner’s scope of practice and clinical privileges within the hospital. Through this process all medical practitioners credentialed are seasoned professionals who meet the requisite professional standards.

In addition to the Chairmanship of the Medical Board, senior HKU clinical professoriates are appointed as the Chairpersons of Specialty to co-ordinate the activities of the medical staff of most specialties. The Chairperson of Specialty also advises GHK on quality assurance, medical training and appropriate clinical standards of care for the specialty. HKU similarly is responsible for providing many of the hospital’s in-house clinicians to provide care for patients at Gleneagles and offer second opinion to complex clinical situations.