Know more about advice for using OK lens

Advice for use

  • Please carefully follow the instructions of optometrist on inserting and removing of the lens to ensure maximum safety for the child.
  • Compliance to regular follow-up is advised.
  • Lens hygiene is important in preventing an infection of the eye.
  • Please use the rigid gas permeable contact lens cleaner, disinfecting solution for Ortho-k Lens cleaning, disinfection and soaking. Also, use lens protein removal agent weekly. Do not use tap water to rinse the contact lens but use contact lens saline.
  • If your child experiences eye redness, discomfort, blurring of vision or pain during or after Ortho-K lens wear, please stop wearing and immediately seek medical attention.
  • It is important to note that myopia will re-appear if the Ortho-K lens wear is stopped. 
  • If Ortho-K lens wear needs to be stopped for a short duration as advised by the ophthalmologist, the child may need a pair of spectacles for refractive correction.