Do you know what an infectious disease specialist does?

Infectious Disease



During outbreak situation like COVID-19, infectious disease (ID) specialists are at the forefront of fighting with the emerging infectious disease. We manage the patients with appropriate treatment and help control spread of the infection in hospitals and clinics. 


ID is a subspecialty within internal medicine and is peculiar in that it is not organ-specific as opposed to other specialties such as cardiology or gastroenterology. Rather, it spans across all major body systems as all of them can be involved by infections caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites etc.


In normal times, we specialise in providing the following services to patients:

  1. diagnosis of etiology of uncommon or complicated infections, including pyrexia of unknown origin, fever in immunocompromised hosts etc.
  2. use of antibiotics to treat known pathogens or empirical treatment for infectious disease syndromes
  3. administration of antibiotics on outpatient basis
  4. vaccination 
  5. pre- and post- travel medical consultation
  6. HIV and sexual health

Should you have further enquiries, please consult your doctor. 

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