Safeguard your dad's gut health - Join the Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme now

Terms & Conditions

  1. The Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme is subsidised by the Government. It is free of charge for eligible persons enrolled in the programme;
  2. Eligible persons should fulfill the following criteria:
    1. Aged between 50 and 75;
    2.  Hold a Hong Kong Identity Card (except those expired or ceased to be valid) or a Certificate of Exemption;
    3. Registered in the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHRSS);
    4. Do not have symptoms of colorectal cancer, without higher colorectal cancer risk, or have not done screening / examination for colorectal cancer within a specific period (Please understand your own health condition and relevant medical history, and consider whether you are suitable to participate in The Colorectal Cancer Screening programme, click here to get to know whether you are not suitable or not necessary to enroll in the Programme);
  3. The programme only applies to designated doctors of Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong. Please contact hospital staff for further details;
  4. Please return the specimens to a Specimen Collection Point, click here to learn about the collection points location and opening hours;
  5. If the test result is positive (i.e., blood is detected via the Faecal Occult Blood Test), the hospital staff will contact you for a consultation with doctor for explaining the test report and a referral letter will be provided for colonoscopy;
  6. The Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme does not include the specialist follow-up consultation, treatment or medication;
  7. Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong reserves the right to amend any of the above terms and conditions without prior notice. In case of any dispute, Gleneagles’ decision is final.

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