Exercise Stress (Treadmill) Test

What is Exercise Stress (Treadmill) Test?

An exercise stress (treadmill) test detects change in electrocardiogram (ECG) waveforms during and shortly after exercise. Not uncommonly, patients with heart disease, especially coronary artery disease, may not have any symptoms at rest. Exercise increases demand of blood supply to heart muscle which might induce symptom or change in ECG waveform of the patient undergoing exercise.

Why is Exercise Stress (Treadmill) Test required?

An exercise stress (treadmill) test may be required to assess the heart’s rate and rhythm of the patient during exercise. It is often used as one of the non-invasive tests to diagnose coronary artery disease because exercise can reproduce symptom of angina or ECG changes in the presence of narrowing of coronary artery. In addition, exercise stress test can be used to measuring the physical and cardiac fitness of patient after a heart attack.

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