Clinic F - ENT / EYE

Part-time Audiologist

参考编号 GHK-AUD

Job Responsibilities

  • Administer the Audiological services
  • Assess the hearing of persons of all age groups and diagnose the degree and type of impairment
  • Counsel hearing-impaired persons and give advice to their relatives, particularly parents of hearing-impaired children
  • Advise on the selection and use of hearing-aids and other appropriate remedial and rehabilitation measures
  • Develop clinical Audiological services to meet present-day needs, e.g. by introducing new techniques and equipment
  • Train and supervise clinical staff to assist in clinical operation
  • May be required to work shifts and irregular hours 


  • A Master’s degree in Audiology from a local university or equivalent
  • Relevant experience in a hospital setting is preferred
  • Strong communication skills and interpersonal skills
  • Proficiency in both English and Chinese