Clinical Laboratory

Laboratory Assistant (Core Laboratory)

參考編號 GHK-LA/CL

Job Responsibilities

  • Cleaning and disinfection of laboratory environment, work benches and equipment
  • Receiving, sorting, labelling and preparation of specimens
  • Preparation of laboratory reagents and cleansing materials
  • Proper handling and disposal of laboratory reported specimens and wastes
  • Assisting the technical staff in the course of laboratory examinations and equipment operation
  • Transporting of documents, equipment, specimens and blood products
  • Run errands and other non-analytical works as assigned by supervisor
  • Help to maintain and update laboratory reagents and consumables stock inventory regularly
  • Will have special duties in its own laboratory as assigned by laboratory in-charge


  • Form 5 or above in secondary level of educational background
  • Good spoken Cantonese, knows Mandarin and English, can read and write Chinese and English
  • Those who studies science subjects or with previous clinical laboratory working experience may be an advantage

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