Clinical Laboratory

Laboratory Assistant


Job Descriptions

  • Cleaning and disinfection of laboratory environment, work benches and equipment.
  • Receiving, sorting, labelling and preparation of specimens.
  • Preparation of laboratory reagents and cleansing materials.
  • Proper handling and disposal of laboratory reported specimens and wastes.
  • Assisting the technical staff in the course of laboratory examinations and equipment operation.
  • Transporting of documents, equipment, specimens and blood products.
  • Run errands and other non-analytical works as assigned by supervisor.
  • Help to maintain and update laboratory reagents and consumables stock inventory regularly.
  • Will have special duties in its own laboratory as assigned by laboratory in-charge.


• Form 3 and above in education

• Had relevant experience and studied in Science Stream

• Medical Laboratory related subjects in degree or diploma is highly preferred

• Completed venipuncture or related courses is an advantage