COVID-19 Outpatient Service

COVID-19 oral antiviral drugs

COVID-19 oral antiviral drugs are now available at Gleneagles Outpatient Service. According to the Government guidelines, Gleneagles will support and provide high-risk patients within 5 days of symptom onset with COVID-19 oral antiviral drugs free-of-charge, including 1) elderly aged 60 or above; 2) patients aged below 60 with high risk factors or 3) those who are immunocompromised.

Designated Taxi Service

Patients with appointments made with Gleneagles' COVID-19 Outpatient Service can book the designated taxi service for transport between the hospital and patients' residence through or the hotline on 3693 4770.

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Online booking:

Enquiries: +852 2122 1333

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