Obstetrics Services

Caring offers amid epidemic — Extended offer for all expectant mothers with Free Family Portrait

From 1 April 2020 to 31 December 2020, pregnant ladies (with an expected delivery date on or before 31 December 2020) can enjoy the discounted Obstetrics Packages with Free Family Portrait* at Gleneagles.

The offers include (inclusive of hospital fees and doctor fees):

  • Normal Vaginal Delivery (3 days and 2 nights) – HK$53,400;
  • Normal Vaginal Delivery (3 days and 2 nights inclusive of epidural anaesthesia in delivery suite) – HK$68,400;
  • Elective Caesarean Section Package (5 days and 4 nights) – HK$70,800 (inclusive of HK$1,000 off hospital fees);
  • Emergency Caesarean Section (5 days and 4 nights; with less than 6 hours of notice and without using labour & delivery room services) – HK$88,800 (inclusive of HK$2,000 off hospital fees);
  • Emergency Caesarean Section in failed trail of labour (5 days and 4 nights; with less than 6 hours of notice) – HK$97,100 (inclusive of HK$2,000 off hospital fees)

A fee cap of $5,000 will be offered for additional services incurred, if any, that are excluded from the packages during hospital stay to provide extra peace of mind and fee certainty to patients. Please view the items included in the original Obstetrics Packages here. For enquiries or appointment, please contact our Obstetrics & Gynaecology Clinic at +852 3153 9153.

Terms & conditions apply.

*Sample of the Free Family Portrait (the baby's date of birth will be printed on the photo):

Cancellation of Antenatal Class, Infant Massage Class and free lactation consultation

In response to the activation of Emergency Response Level due to the emergence of novel coronavirus infection, all our antenatal classes, infant massage classes and free lactation consultation will be cancelled until further notice.


We are committed to providing 

  • Quality, safe, pleasant and  baby-friendly environment 
  • Skin-to-skin, 24-hour rooming in services 
  • Husband's company during the labour process 

At Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital, we embrace a high-touch, personalised approach in taking care of mums and babies.

Pregnancy is the start of a wonderful journey for both the expectant mother and her family. Every step of the way, our team of professionals, complemented by advanced equipment and technology, is committed to giving you the support, knowledge, and peace of mind for your baby’s arrival.  

We provide a tranquil environment and holistic care to ensure that your first moments with your baby will be lovingly memorable.

Skin-to-skin contact after birth is a great way for bond building between mum, dad and the newborn. There is no better way to start this loving relationship with  your baby by letting your baby smell you, feel your heartbeat and hear you breathe as he/she feels the warmth of your cuddles.

Introduction to Gleneagles’ Comprehensive Obstetric Services –
Booking procedure, labour and delivery process, room types, breastfeeding support

*In Cantonese only

Obstetrics Packages

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  • Charges will be incurred for extra days of accommodation, please refer to the Room Rates for details.
  • Please click here to read the Advance Maternity Deposit Reminder.

Appointments: +852 3153 9306

What mums and dads say



Eva Leung、Emily Cheung、Tracy Ng、So Hin Pui、Vivian Wan

Daniel Kan

記得生第一個小朋友的時候,什麼都不懂又害怕生bb會很痛。每當有問題的時候姑娘都很耐心解答我,特別是產後要換藥時 姑娘的態度 令我感覺是被尊重的 。一年後我又回到港怡生我第二個小朋友,驅使我回來的是姑娘的服務以及所有在港怡工作人員。他們的支援為我減輕了作為新手媽媽的壓力與不適。 

Ms Chen

Dear Ward 3A, 



我覺得我真係冇選錯醫院,非常感謝整個3A ward。

Many Thanks

Pauline Ng & Taojun Wu


Dorothy Cheng (September 2019)

To all Nurses at OB Ward,

Thank you for all your help in the past 5 days. We have very pleasant stay in the hospital with all your support, care, and  help.

It was just amazing!


Thank you ♡

Vivien & Lok + Baby 米米

To 3A Obs staff,

Thank you for all the excellent care that I received while I was a patient at GHK 3A ward!

A306 Bonnie & BB

To Nursery Dept, All Nurses & Nurse Manager

Thanks for your care during hospitalization.
Very good care and very professional. 辛苦晒

Coco & Steven

Dear Grace,

Thank you for your care during these five days.




有機會定必再回來產下胎寶寶 :)





Raymond & Ivy




Dear staff from A3 ward & nursery,

On this special day of welcoming my son's return, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all staff at A3 ward, for the expert care provided for my wife and my precious son. Special thanks to be dedicated to nursery staff, namely Grace, 敏儀, Bonnie, Connie, Miki, and of course to other staff whose names were not remembered :P

Without the professional support, we would not be able to stay calm and anticipate a reunion as a family of 3!

Many thanks once again! Please enjoy the snacks/cakes for you all!

Lim's family