Obstetrics Services

Obstetrics Pre-Admission COVID-19 Testing

All obstetric patients are required to perform COVID-19 test on weekly basis after 37 weeks of gestation until delivery. Please click here to view the details. 

Suspension of Lactation Consultation Clinic services

In view of the latest situation of COVID-19, all our lactation consultation clinic services will be suspended until further notice.

Cancellation of Antenatal Class and Infant Massage Class

In response to the activation of Emergency Response Level due to the emergence of COVID-19, all our antenatal classes and infant massage classes will be cancelled until further notice.


We are committed to providing 

  • Quality, safe, pleasant and  baby-friendly environment 
  • Skin-to-skin, 24-hour rooming in services 
  • Husband's company during the labour process 

At Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital, we embrace a high-touch, personalised approach in taking care of mums and babies.

Pregnancy is the start of a wonderful journey for both the expectant mother and her family. Every step of the way, our team of professionals, complemented by advanced equipment and technology, is committed to giving you the support, knowledge, and peace of mind for your baby’s arrival.  

We provide a tranquil environment and holistic care to ensure that your first moments with your baby will be lovingly memorable.

Skin-to-skin contact after birth is a great way for bond building between mum, dad and the newborn. There is no better way to start this loving relationship with  your baby by letting your baby smell you, feel your heartbeat and hear you breathe as he/she feels the warmth of your cuddles.

Obstetrics Packages

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  • Charges will be incurred for extra days of accommodation, please refer to the Room Rates for details.
  • Please click here to read the Advance Maternity Deposit Reminder.

  • Accolades and Recognitions


    What mums and dads say

    Ob 243 Li Ching Lam

    To Nursery:

    多謝BB房的咁多位姑娘這幾天幫忙照顧我的"大食B" 令到我可以爭取時間休息!亦都好多謝咁多位姑娘既育嬰tips,真係好有用!對於我哋呢d新手父母黎講真係好重要!

    特別想多謝姑娘(母乳顧問)Chloe Wong既指導!因為我真係無諗過自己可以餵到母乳!


    Ob 242 Ren Yangwei

    To Nursery,

    A world of thanks to all the staff here! All the girls are so gentle with the baby and have been teaching us a lot so we can be better at taking care of the baby!

    Wish you all the happiness in the world and maybe see you in a few years!

    Ob 241 Sevilla Zyreen

    To the nursery nurses, staff & doctors

    We will never able to put on to words our gratitude for what you all done for us. With pure heart & dedication you all treated our baby Ethan as your own.

    Thank you for taking care of our son, to make him warm and comfortable. Thank you for rocking him & feed him when I couldn't be with him at night so I can take a rest.

    Thanks for educating us how to properly care for our baby.

    To all the staff thank you for keep on checking us if everything is fine / okay. You're all so accommodating & friendly.

    To Dr ■ as well with a delicate hands, utmost precision, your care for us is amazing since my first baby till second one. You make a magic.

    To Dr ■ Thank you for checking our Ethan everyday to make sure he is fine.

    To everyone again, thank you and god bless.

    Lynch& Sevilla
    Ob 240 Hong Zeqi

    To 育嬰室,


    PS. 多謝Joyce

    Ob 239 Chiu Kiu Yan

    To 3A Nursery all staaffs + NM Grace,

    多謝你哋依幾日對囡囡悉心照顧,及對我的耐心教導。:) 感到妳們滿滿的愛意和關心,令我對埋身母乳餵飼裏,無壓力的情況下,可以逐步逐步慢慢嘗試及適應。

    特別多謝Miki,Janice & Joyce,及其他護士,you are the best!Thank you so much!

    Ruby & BB Ria
    Ob 238 Lee Pak Yue

    To Nursery,

    I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to all the Gleaneagles staff for all your patience, hard work and dedication. Thank you so much for the wonderful care you gave me and my family. The birth of Amelia went great because all of you are so caring. Thank you for a great experience! Thank you very much for your great care during my pregnancy!

    Amelia Yip's family
    Ob 236 Kwok Wing On

    To Nursery,

    多謝你哋嘅悉心照顧及好有耐性咁解答我嘅疑問!特別嗉謝(排名不分先後)Connie, Miki, Grace, Chloe, Han Yuk, Bonnie, Gigi

    Thank you so much.

    Ob 235 Chan Yin Ching

    To Nursery

    多謝各位姑娘醫生既用心照料!姑娘好用心教導餵母乳嘅資訊及知識!醫生講解詳細,每日都給我BB嘅最新知識!姑娘任何時間盡心解答,多謝咁多位5日4夜以黎盡心盡力既照顧!Thanks and take care!

    Rena and BB Ng
    Ob 234 Wan Hiu Ching

    To Nursery


    Ob 232 Wong Yan

    To Nursery,

    Thank you for your support & care to me & baby. The nurses are very attentive to our needs and professional, we enjoyed our stay here and will recommend to friends & family.

    Thank you!

    Rachel, Evan & Theo Wong
    Ob 231 Cheng Fanny

    To Nursery,

    Thank you so much to all of the caring, helpful and professional team in the Nursery. We really appreciated your warm enthusiasm and welcome, as our little baby Rex joined our family.

    Thank you so much.

    Fanny & Daniel,Arthur & Rex
    Ob 230 Ling On Ni

    To Nursery,


    Ob 229 Mak Mei Ha

    To Nursery,

    Thank you so much for all your kind and warm care in the past 5 days.

    The high quality of your service is greatly appreciated.

    Ob 225 Ma Man Lok


    Mr. Choi
    Ob 223 Wong Chui Yiu

    Dear BB房姑娘,

    Thanks so much! 萬分感激您們係我呢個新手媽媽住院期間悉心的照顧,耐心的教導,令我能掌握餵哺的技巧,BB亦得到充分的照顧!

    今日,我們帶健康的BB出院喇!希望您們都保重身體,stay warm!

    PS. 你們手太冰冷了,著多件衫保暖吧 :)

    Wong Chui Yiu
    Ob 221 Li Tsz Shan

    To Nursery:


    Shaudi's Family





    Ob 219 Chan Nok Ting

    相隔20個月又重回這個地方,放心的感覺依舊。謝謝姑娘對媽媽和BB的照顧,也很有耐性解答媽媽的疑問,和給予很好的建議,令媽媽感覺很舒服,再一次謝謝。祝在這裡工作的姑娘,姐姐和其他工作人員身體健康,工作愉快,有緣再見 :)

    Natalie and Daniel
    Ob 218 Chu Hoi Yan





    Ob 217 Wang Ying





    Cherie Wang
    Ob 216 Tam Greta Chun Huen

    To Nursery:

    Thank you to the whole team. You are all great, so helpful and knowledgable.. My husband and I learnt such a lot, even as 2nd time parents!

    I managed to sleep 9 hours straight last night despite breastfeeding. I can't remember when I last slept like that, even when pregnant!

    I learnt a lot in the past 2 days, thank you very much for the detailed explanation in nursing new born.

    Greta and Bryan
    Ob 215 Mok Hoi Yan

    Dear all nurses in Labour ward (esp 蘇姑娘) and BB 房(esp Man Yee, Miki, Pui Yin, Joyce , Connie & Gigi)

    It is a true blessing to have your loving and professional care with our new born. You all are the most invaluable assets to Gleneagles.

    P.S. Thank you especially for your patience in guiding us for breastfeeding!

    Ob 214 Wong King Fong

    To Nursery,




    Ob 213 Seow Sze Wai Mary

    致Nursery 姑娘︰


    Ob 211 Schiavon Dawn

    To Nursery:

    My husband and I want to express our most sincere gratitude to the Gleneagles team! As first time parents we relied heavily on the nurses and appreciated all their expertise and coaching. I felt like we had round-the-clock care, if needed, and everyone was so professional and friendly. We knew GHK was a fantastic hospital, but we could not have imagined a better experience. Thank you so much, GHK team for ensuring our daughter arrived safely and in a loving environment!

    Dawn and Matt Schiavon
    Ob 210 Peng Beidi

    To Nursery:

    Thank you for giving our little one a great start to this world. Our stay here is one day longer than expected but every thing went very smoothly. As new parent, we also got to learn a lot from you and get prepared for our new journey with the baby girl when we go home. We will always remember the past few days in Gleneagles.

    Ob 209 Wang Ling Wun

    To Nursery,

    Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of mummy and baby this week! All the nurses are so patient, gentle, and encouraging! Thank you for attending to little ■ while mummy rests and recovers. You are all so patient and understanding with our needs and explained everything so well to us!

    We are grateful for your care and professionalism!

    Ob 208 Li Hoi Ping

    To Nursery,


    Li Hoi Ping
    Ob 207 Wong Cho Ting

    To Nursery,

    You all have been very kind and patient to us as new parents. The nursery is very caring and had always provided support to us in all possible ways.

    Greatly appreciate all the effort for you all.

    Jo and Calvin
    Ob 205 Lui Wing Yin

    To 港怡醫院的所有醫護人員及員工,




    Ob 204 Wong Henrietta Wai Yan

    To Nursery team at Gleneagles,

    We would like to show our utmost appreciation to nursery team here at Gleneagles. Thank you for taking care of our baby girl. Your attentiveness, expertise and care/guidance is top notch. Leaving our daughter in your hands allowed mommy to have a very comfortable and stress-free stay while she was recovering. The patience of the team to our questions and concerns have been very reassuring and comforting. Finally, everyone here are very friendly and courteous, we are very happy we chose Gleneagles for this special occasion!

    With love from the Lee family
    Ob 203 Lo Suet Yi

    To Nursery:

    A big big thanks go to all the Nurses for their care, support , patience, and hard work!

    You guys deserve all the appreciation.

    Especially thank you 佩賢姑娘 for your great service! I'll ever remember your care, dedication and service. May you enjoy every day while doing your duty.

    Thank you!

    Lo Suet Yi
    Ob 202 Lam Shuk Yi Suki

    To Nursery




    Suki Lsy
    Ob 201 Chan Tsz Lun

    To Nursery:

    今次已是我第二次在港怡生BB, Nursery 的服務一樣超級好!

    今次我想多d自己埋身,所以與Nursery 的各位姑娘多接觸了!你們每一個也是溫柔體貼又親切,又有耐性教我埋身、按摩、泵奶,也不會黑面!

    特別鳴謝Chloe 姑娘,上一次、今次也對我作出餵母乳詳細指導,比好多專業意見,又安排我女照燈,解釋得好清楚,很感謝她。

    Ob 200 Chan Wai Ka

    Dearest Nursery team,

    Thank you so much to your team for taking good care of my son during my stay. The professional service and the useful lesson give me the hassle-free time to rest.

    Staying in Gleneagles Hospital for 5 days, is just like the "staycation". Good service, seamless operation arrangement, delicious food, professional medical and nursery, give a nice start of our parental journey.

    Thank you <3

    Ob 199 Kam Man Yu Queenie

    To Nursery:

    係度住咗六日五夜,今日同BB出院喇 ^^





    Ob 198 Arai Akiko

    To Nursery,

    Thank you for being a part of baby's birth! We appreciate all your help, looking after my baby and your kind words,

    You have been so encouraging!

    Stay safe and stay healthy!

    Akiko ARAI
    Ob 197 Chung Yin Ling Anthea

    To Nursery,


    Anthea Chung
    Ob 196 Lau Ka Ying

    To Nursery,

    感謝BB房姑娘教導餵母乳技巧,十分有耐性及溫柔,港怡醫院可24hrs 母嬰同房,又可隨時由BB房姑娘照顧,讓我可有充足休息,十分好!

    特別多謝Claus Lui, Miki, Chloe, Angel Po, 倩敏,敏儀,Joyce

    Thank you!

    Marcella Lau
    Ob 195 Leung Lai Ying

    To Nursery,

    Thank you for your wonderful care and patience!

    It's our 2nd child here and you guys are still fantastic!

    Keep up the awesome work.

    Emily, Alan and Baby Brayden
    Ob 194 Lo Yuet Po

    To: 育嬰室各位護士們


    辛苦您們了,每次我BB食完奶,都會比個大project (bubu)您地處理。喺住院呢段期間,我可以好放心將BB交比您地照顧,我也可以專心休息,多謝曬,Thank you!

    Ob 193 Joyce Xiao Ya

    To Nursery,


    Thank you very much!
    Best Wishes!

    Ob 192 Jayde Brielle

    Dear Gleneagles maternity ward nursery team,

    Thank you so much for your hospitality and patience with me and my new born baby!

    I know she was very lazy and had a very loud cry for such a little thing, but without you guys, she would be very hungry and cranky!

    Thank you for teaching me how to look after her, bathe her, all the breastfeeding tricks and more!

    You guys rock!

    Jayde and Steven West
    Ob 191 Lam Wing Kwan


    感謝各員工在疫情下仍然謹守崗位,悉心照顧我的所需。特別感謝嬰兒房姑娘Claus, 母乳顧問Chloe及護士Lai Sze Ki. 她們態度和藹,工作認真負責,打針換藥時細緻耐心,照顧嬰兒無微不至,以及母乳餵哺環節更是對我諄諄善誘。


    Ob 188 Karishma Riddell

    To Nursery team,

    Thank you all foor looking after us all so well.

    YYour support and motherhood has been amazing and greatly appreciated.

    Baby Ava also appreciates all of the tips on feeding!

    With losts of love and appreciation.

    Karishma, Guy and Baby Ava Riddell
    Ob 187 Simmos Cheryl

    Thank you for all the support. The doctors and nurses were so kind and patient with me and the baby. We will always remember our stay at Gleneagles.

    Cheryl, Alex and our baby boy Eric
    Ob 186 Tsang Yuen Sin

    To Nursery:

    Our deep thanks and appreciation to everyone at Gleneagles hospital, from nursed to midwives. You took care of u and supported us throughout the whole journey. Nurses are very encouraging and supportive on brestfeeding. We found the whole expenditure extremely positive. Thank you very much for bringing our baby to this world.

    Ms Tsang
    Ob 185 Yanling Chen

    Dear Doctors and Nurses,

    Thank you for taking care of mother and the twins!

    Ob 184 Joe Fok Ivy Tsang



    Joe Fok and Ivy Tsang
    Ob 183 Cheng Oi Ling Dorothy


    Ob 182 Chan Yee Ting

    To 港怡醫院工作人員


    Ob 181 Selimi Vanda

    To the Most Amazing Nursery Nurses!

    Thank you for your unconditional love towards me and my baby You made our stay and experience one to remember forever.

    Forever frateful for your professionalism and kindness

    Vanda and Baby Liv
    Ob 180 Cheung Yuen Ting Tina

    To Nursery


    Tina Cheung
    Ob 178 Chan Pik Chi

    好開心可以在港怡醫院生產,無論入住、生產及康復的過程我都感覺舒服和開心,有Staycation的感覺,各醫護人員及姑娘都非常親切,令我感覺窩心^^ (特別多謝母乳顧問指導嬰兒餵哺方法!)

    Ob 177 Lai Hoi Ki Kay

    To all the wonderful nurses at the Gleneagles nursery:

    Truly thankful for all the support and care each of you have provided to me and my newborn daughter! Each of you were super attentive, offering great and timely advice to support my daughter's development and my breastfeeding journey.

    Grateful for my experience here and truly recommend the delivery experience here at Gleneagles HK!

    Ob 175 Pang Chung Yan

    To 3A Nursery 同事

    今次是第二次黎港怡生BB,同樣育嬰室嘅姑娘很nice,服務態度很好,很放心BB交比佢地照顧,特別想多謝Nagu Pui Yin, Canny Leung, Annie Chuk, Grace Lo。每個都很溫柔,細心,親切,隔住口罩及face shield 都感受到你地嘅笑容 ^^

    Ob 173 Tang Shunfeng




    To 育嬰室護士

    多謝一班育嬰室嘅護士對我同BB呢5日嘅照顧。多謝你地好有耐性同細心~當我開始塞奶嘅時候,好彩有你地發現同諗盡方法去幫我,等我唔洗再嚴重落去~ 辛苦哂你地。

    住院期間交BB比你地照顧真係好放心,因為知道你地一定會幫我好好照顧。辛苦哂^^ Thank you

    Ob 171 Ma Ka Na

    Dear Dr ■, nurses and staff of O & G ward and nursery ward of GHK,

    Thank you for taking care of our baby and me during these five days. Your service is truly professiontal and highly commendable! My stay has been really pleasant and I would certainly recommend GHK to other mommies-to-be! :) Stay healthy!

    Ob 170 Tang Yue Yan


    Simon and Rosanna
    Ob 169 Maria Hana

    Dear Gleneagles Maternity ward and Nursery,

    Thank you so much. For all your great care and assistance. You guys are excellent!

    Baby Kaley & Mummy Hana , Boyce
    Ob 168 Chan Nga Yin

    Dear 育嬰室護士們︰

    24小時可以同BB同室非常貼心!沖涼Demonstration 都很貼心!

    Chan Nga Yin
    Ob 167 Coleman Emma Michelle

    Dear Dr ■, Dr ■ and all of the incredible staff at Gleneagles,

    Thank you , from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for our family and especially for Luca. It was not an easy pregnancy and birth but with your passion, care, dedication and professionalism everything turned out better than we could have ever dreamed. You're all amazing! Thank you!

    Emma, Andy, Isla and Luca
    Thank you card

    Dear Staff of Gleneagles : (Infant department)

    Thank you for all the great service and excellent hospitality!

    This is our second child and I can confidently say that this was a much better experience we had with another hospital.
    The place is very clean and the staff are super helpful!

    Keep up the good work!

    Leung Hei Li Tendy
    Thank you card

    Thank you for taking good care of the baby. Everyone was so kind and attentive. Thank you so much.

    Kim Kyuri
    Thank you card

    To Nursery

    Thank you so much for all the support. We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for being loving and kind in this special moment for us. 

    Thank you for the passion to explain and help me with my breast feeding journey. 

    I couldn't be more thankful to all of you. We really appreciate all the effort.

    Mariana, Jeff and Baby Vince
    Thank you card

    Dear Nursery Room Team,

    Thank you so much! With this little thank you card, we would like to express our appreciation for the affection, care and support you have shown to our sweetie baby girl - Giselle (大食妹).

    Once again thank you for taking good care of me and our baby 24/7.

    Stephanie & Charles, with Giselle
    Thank you card from Ya Ting

    To: The nurses of ward 3A & nursery,

    Thank you!

    For taking care of me during my stay here. The support that you guys have made delivering alone in the labour ward very good and bearable.

    And to the nurses at nursery,
    Thank you for taking care of baby so I could rest!


    Ya Ting
    Thank you card from Jackie & Kenny

    To 育嬰室所有姑娘︰




    Thank you!

    Jackie & Kenny





    Thank you card

    Dear Nursery Room Team,

    Thank you so much for your professional support and caring during our stay at Gleneagles! It means so much to our family and our newborn baby.

    謝謝每位的細心照顧,wishing everyone a wonderful 2022.


    To Dr ■ and 所有育嬰室護士and 所有產科護士,

    多謝你們的照顧和教導。你們很有耐性去講解怎樣照顧新生BB和餵奶的知識, 我很放心和開心認識你們每一位,不同的教導。



    Thank you card from Nina

    Dear all of the midwives, nursery and support staff at the labour and maternity wards,

    We couldn't be happier with all the support, love and kindness we have received from everyone here at Gleneagles during the birth and post-natal care for our little daughter Filippa.

    She is our 3rd child, but you made the experience, even though not completely new, for us so special.

    We are so grateful for those two days spent here with you, under your care.

    Nina, Markus with baby Filippa ​
    Thank you card

    To Nursery,

    Thank you so much for taking amazing care of our newborn baby, Emma


    感謝港怡醫院的醫生們同護士們,令我有一次好好的生產體驗,Thank you.

    Ho Lai Shan
    Thank you card from Mandy

    To Nursery,

    Thank you so much for supporting the mother and baby during the hospital stay. The service is excellent and very professional. Appreciate so much for your help.




    多謝■醫生,Janice姑娘, Carry 姑娘

    Fung Ying Yee
    Thank you card

    To Nursery

    感謝你們悉心的照顧太太和BB,協助BB健康順利出院,及教導我們如何和BB沖涼,餵奶,細心講解需要注意的地方。我們非常滿意育嬰室姑娘的服務和支援,會細心留意BB習慣及喜好。Thanks a lot!

    Thank you card from Janine and Brooke

    To Nursery:

    Ladies, I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am for all your incredible knowledge, outstanding support and loving nature towards myself and Brooke.

    I learnt more in this week than what I knew in the past few years with my first daughter! Your patience and care has been so appreciated!

    We will miss all your beautiful faces and wish you and your families all the best in 2022.

    Janine and Brooke
    Thank you card from Hannah & Chris & Baby Dory

    Dear May, Phoebe, Iris, Sulli, Angel, Janice and every other member of staff that helped our beautiful wife and daughter.

    I wanted to say thank you all so much for the incredible care and patience you have shown us. 

    You have made a potentially stressful time extremely relaxing. We wanted to wish you all a happy new year.

    Hannah, Chris and baby Dacy
    Thank you card

    Dear all the nurses and midwives,

    Thank you for much for taking care of me and mu babe Noelle during my stay at the hospital. Your kindness,patience and forward thinking about our well-being are highly appreciated. Special sincere thanks to Joyce and 譚姑娘 for their support and gentleness. I didn't feel alone and hard at all. 

    Happy New Year everyone!

    Thank you card

    To the nurses in SCBU,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful care you have taken of premature baby Maverick Sebastian.We cannot express how grateful we are to you for the way you have looked after him since he was born on 14th December. You are all amazing and have helped us both eveytime we have come to visit. Thank you for all the hardwork you do, you are very much appreciated.

    Analiesa, Darren, Maverick
    Thank you card from A306

    To 港怡各護士


    所以在此Thank you so much all of you!


    Thank you card

    To all the day and night nurses. Thank you so much for all your help, you've been amazing in the last few days. I have had an amazing experience at Gleneagles hospital. The staff here are truly wonderful and you've taken such care of my baby boy.

    Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!


    To 港怡醫院Nursing 姑娘︰



    特別感謝Miki, Jamie同Emily姑娘,俾左好多Support BB同媽媽、爸爸。

    Thank You.







    祝各位身體健康,工作愉快 :)



    本人一家十分滿意及感謝 貴育嬰室一眾護士及工作人員於太太產後指導和幫助照顧初生寶寶。


    此後定必推介 貴院的產科及育嬰服務予其他親友!


    Thank you card from Yuki

    To BB房姑娘們,



    Yu Kit Ying
    Thank you card

    Dear all medical staff at Gleneagles,

    Thank you for taking care of me and my new born throughout our stay at Gleneagles. Your patience, kindness, caring heart and professional knowledge are very important as I navigate through my journey as a new parent. 

    A heartfelt thanks for the tremendous support extended.



    最後,再次感謝港怡醫院產科醫護的悉心照料及支援 Thank you!

    Thank you card from Momma Melinda & Papa Justin & Baby Leia

    A BIG thank you to the GHK Nursery Lactation Team!

    The attentiveness, knowledge, and care they provided was amazing! Thank you so much for your support.

    Momma Melinda, Papa Justin and Baby Leia

    To Nursery,





    To Nursery,




    Thank you card from Cherry Kowk

    多謝港怡醫院Nursery對我同BB悉心照顧,各位姑娘都好nice, 照顧BB十分專業!醫院十分支持媽媽餵哺母乳,姑娘都非常supportive.Thank you.

    Cherry Kwok
    Thank you card from Baby Max Tam, Annette & Clarence

    Dear Dr. ■ & Nursery team,



    亦都多謝你們的指導,讓我的Breast feeding 之路有個輕鬆的開始。

    Merry Christmas!

    Baby Max Tam, Annette & Clarence
    Thank you card from Ngo Yee

    To 港怡醫院︰

    謝謝各位過去5日4夜的照顧!尤其是 ■醫生、 ■醫生、BB房姑娘!

    Yeung Ngo Yee
    Thank you card from Becky

    To Nursery,

    Excellent service!Thanks!

    Becky Cheung
    Thank you card from Venica & Lucas

    Dear Gleneagles Nursery,

    Thank you for taking good care of me and our baby 24/7! We really appreciate your team's patience and professionalism!
    Wish you all the best! 

    Veronica and Lucas
    Thank you card from Yuki & Danny

    Dear Nursery Team,

    Thank you for all your help and support! For the compassion that you show, for taking the time to care for me, and for all these, I know thank you doesn't seem to be enough for all that you have seen me through.

    This world is a better place because of you all - wonderful nurses like you!

    Thank you Grace, Janice, Chloe, Yola...

    Unfortunately we couldn't get all the names of the nurses we met and took care of us but this thank you is for you all!

    Hopefully see you all again soon, Grace, we are coming back for your second one :)

    Yuki and Danny