Infant Massage Class

Cancellation of Antenatal Class and Infant Massage Class

In response to the activation of Emergency Response Level due to the emergence of novel coronavirus infection, all our antenatal classes and infant massage classes will be cancelled until further notice.


Infant massage, originating from an ancient culture with thousand years of history, is believed to have numerous benefits for both baby and the family.  In our infant massage classes, we will blend in Indian Massage, Swedish Massage and Reflexology to promote infants' well-being.

More than just a massage routine, the moment when you fully devote with loving touch in your baby brings irreplaceable intimacy. Scientific researches show that infant massage brings multiple positive effects for baby's growth and help promote harmony in the family. Many infants show improvement in growth, development, sleep, immune systems strength and reduction of colic.

Come to join our class and extend this wonderful experience to home. This experience will imprint in both you and your baby's growth journey.

Class details

Run by IAIM certified Infant Massage Instructor, the class is under IAIM course syllabus

Target group:
Parents and infant from birth to 1-year-old

60 to 90 minutes per session for 4 consecutive sessions

Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital 

Maximum 8 families


Please fill in the form below and send to  or fax to +852 3903 3441

Form (2019 classes)

Form (2020 classes)

Payment method:

1. Cheque

- Please send the cheque to our Obstetrics and Gynecology Ward by post

  • Payee: GHK Hospital Limited
  • Address:   Attn: Ms Sophia Ng   3A (O&G Ward), Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital, 1 Nam Fung Path, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

2. Bank Transfer

- Make payment to the HSBC bank account (Bank code 004) 741-002943-001 of "GHK Hospital Ltd" via automatic teller machines (ATM) / bank teller / the internet banking at least 3 days before the class
- Send the bank pay-in slip or a copy of transaction record to 3A Nursery by email  OR fax to 3903 3441 with name, contact phone number, programme name and date

Should you have any enquiry, please contact +852 3153 9306.

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