Pre-Admission COVID-19 Testing

All inpatients are required to provide a valid and negative COVID-19 test report or undergo a COVID-19 screening test before they may be admitted to the hospital.

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1. Inpatients with Scheduled Admissions

  • All inpatients are required to submit a valid and negative COVID-19 test report before Admission and Cashier Office on G/F before admission or upon registration for admission. The result is regarded as valid for 48 hours from the time of specimen collection.
  • COVID-19 test reports from one of the authorised external laboratories or institutions with patient’s full name and identity number will be accepted.
  • If the above report is not available, the patient is required to undergo a combined nasal and throat swab RT-PCR test for COVID-19 at the "Sample Collection Booth" located outside 24-hour Outpatient and Emergency Department at 08:00 - 12:00 on the day before admission, free of charge*. 

    *The testing fee (HKD $700) will be applied if the admission is cancelled or amended by the patient under any circumstances. In addition, any additional charges incurred during the test will be on patient’s own account.
  • The pre-admission testing is required to be conducted within 48 hours before admission

    • Specimen Collection Time & Reporting Time


      #Reporting time will be at 5pm only on Sundays and Public Holidays

    • For patients who are unable to perform combined nasal and throat swab, eg. patient with physical disability, pregnancy or due to other physical conditions, a deep throat saliva bottle can be taken and the specimen can be dropped off to the “Sample Collection Booth” The test is to be conducted within 48 hours before admission

      Notes on Deep Throat Saliva Specimen Collection
      • Do NOT brush your teeth, eat or drink after getting up
      • Keep your stomach empty for least 2 hours 

2. Unplanned or Emergency Admissions

  • A self-paid rapid POCT RT-PCR nasopharyngeal swab test is required before admission at a charge of HK$1,750 plus doctor consultation fee. The test will be performed in our 24-hour Outpatient and Emergency Department.

3. Cases Transferred or under “Discharge Against Medical Advice” from Public Hospitals

  • A valid and negative COVID-19 test report is required before admission. The result is regarded as valid for 48 hours from the time of specimen collection.

Please also refer the Emergency Response Level - Notes to Patients and Visitors and the latest visiting policy on our website.

[Effective from 24/02/2022]