Senior Pharmacist (Aseptic and Cytotoxic Services)


As a key innovative member of the hospital pharmacy team, you will be responsible for assisting the Senior Pharmacy Manager to develop and oversee all aseptic and cytotoxic clinical pharmacy operations and related workflow project domains, focusing on the effective and efficient management of pharmacy PAS operations that support the hospitals’ medication management processes. Your duties include but are not limited to the following: -

  • Assist to oversee the development, implementation, and monitoring of hospital pharmacy aseptic and cytotoxic operation systems, adapting best practices, systemized approaches, and evidence based medicine & other clinical decision support tools in the delivery of safe and optimal patient care
  • Working with hospital medical, nursing, and other multidisciplinary healthcare teams in the development and implementation of an effective medication management system in the hospital
  • Identify, plan, develop and deliver educational/training and development programs for pharmacy staff and other health care professionals
  • Assist in the development and operation of hospital medication-use process and pharmaceutical services provision in the hospital
  • Perform and supervise the hospital medication-use process; ensuring effective and efficient provision of designated pharmaceutical activities and pharmacy services.
  • Participate in Pharmacy-related hospital projects as and when required.


  • A Certificate of Registration and a valid Practicing Certificate issued by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board, Hong Kong.
  • 4 years’ post-registration experience as a pharmacist plus a relevant postgraduate professional degree or equivalent.
  • Solid professional practice knowledge and work track record, specializing in Aseptic and Cytotoxic Pharmacy Services operation and workflow a plus
  • A team player with good communication skills
  • Innovative, adaptive, with good systemic and analytical thinking skills
  • Professional commitment to safe medication practices in hospital patient care

# Experience acquired as a pharmacist after registration with recognized overseas registration authorities but prior to registration with the Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Hong Kong can also be accepted as post-registration experience.

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